it pisses me off how people are shitting on 4L’s concept when if it was their oppar doing it they’d be like ‘omg oppar’s so hot’.

What does this post even mean, cus 4L doesn’t even really have a concept. The whole lesbian scene and the dance was just to get a male fanbase and it worked so…

Instead of calling Sulli selfish for what she’s decided to do…

Can we please talk about how Choiza has gone on various radio shows and joked about his “young girlfriend” and the lost wallet, as well as spread some rumours that she’s pregnant?? Or are we going to keep comparing her situation to other idol groups when they perform without a member like you all kill me


i like boys in theory and then one gets too close to me adn im like nah


What I love most about H.E.R is how people initially expected it to be about Block B stalking a girl and forcing her to go out with them - like in GOT7’s “A”, though I never saw much fuss about that MV - but then it turned out to be about telling a girl to be wary of “bastards who only care about appearance” and keep it up with avoiding people who want to change you. Pretty much the opposite. :’)